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Imperial Group has the capability and expertise in a wide variety of weft knitted fabrics.

Our equipment is composed of major German brands, width the latest in Electronic Fault Detector Technology using quality needles an parts.

Some Weft Knitted Fabrics We Produce


Single jersey, crepe jersey, spandex jersey, ottoman jersey, dyed jersey, herrinbone jersey, popcorn jersey, light-thermal jersey.


Interlock, crepe interlock, yarn dyed interlock, 2-fold


Ribs, spandex rib, french rib, random, drop-stitch rib, feeder reb, waffle rib (thermal), mini-waffle rib(mini-thermal), pointless rib, yarn dyed rib, and other fashion ribs.


2 end fleece, 3 end fleece, and french terry

Body Size

"Excellence is our commitment and customer's satisfaction our priority".