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In order to deliver low cost product Imperial Group is applying the following strategy:

"Reduction of the cicle time of each process and between processes in which the group is involved"

Actions are being continuosly taken in each area of the company:

1. Approvals

  1. Color labdip submission has been reduced to 3-4 days (94% 1st approval rate).
  2. Shade bands (internal QC 7 year history of every batch).

Imperial's excecutives and engineers have attended Laboratory Conventions from CTL and have had meetings with Wal-Mart's Product Development Departament in order stay informed on the latest efficient industry practices.

2. Yarn Spinning (Ring Spun Carded and LRS Heathers & Exotic Blends):

  1. Machines rpm's have been increase without affecting the quality of the yarns.
  2. The productivity of the raw materials has been increased by 3%
  3. Automatic machines have been incorporated to the process with european technology

3. Knitting

  1. A strong investment has been made in state of the art knitting machines from Germany. Our knit machines can produce up to 5 times more than similiar Asian machines.
  2. Investment in electronic fault detection sensors so fabric complies with the exact knit specifications.
  3. The waste generated in the process, from yarn to greige fabric, has been reduced to 1.5%.

4. Dyeing

  1. State of the art dyeing house with the best repetitibility at the firs time. Therefore reducing re-works re-dyes, color adjustments, and manual interference.
  2. A reduction of waste, from grege fabric to finished fabric, to 6% (we started at 11% and at this time we are working with an 8.25% waste).
  3. Reduction of dye lot time from 11hrs to 6hrs average, and white (and heathers) from 3.5 to 2.25hrs.

"Excellence is our commitment and customer's satisfaction our priority".